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Is naked yoga “real” yoga?

Yes. Roberto and our other instructors are certified with the Yoga Alliance. We encourage people to think about why they ask that question—about why performing an activity naked leads to questions of legitimacy. 

Why practice yoga naked?

Everyone has their own reasons for practicing naked. Here are some of our reasons.

  1. Clothes restrict us in multiple ways. They can limit your range of motion, they can obstruct a teacher’s view of alignment and breathing, and they are a powerful component of our egos—they give us a false sense of who we really are.

  2. Nakedness is a natural state of being that is too often accompanied with shame, an expectation of sex, and unachievable standards of beauty. Naked yoga creates an empowering space to honor and strengthen our all bodies and promote body positivity.  

  3. Being naked creates vulnerability within one’s self and with others. This allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves, and it challenges the stigma attached to gay male nudity.

Do you offer naked classes for women?

Currently we do not offer a naked women's class, however we are planning to offer clothed, women-only workshops in 2020.

Are all your classes naked?

No, we offer one clothed class per week on Sundays at 11am. Anyone can attend this class. 

​​Is my body type welcome?​

Yes. Yoga is for every body. There is no ideal body type in the world, so there is no ideal body type in our community. If you identify as male, you are welcome.​

I’m new to yoga, am I welcome?

Yes. Yoga is for every body and all levels of yoga practice are welcome. You know your body better than anyone else, so practice to your comfort level and modify poses as necessary. ​​

What happens if I get aroused?

Nothing. It might be your body’s natural response in this space—and that's nothing to be ashamed of. However, many people find that they are working so hard that getting hard is the furthest thing from their mind.

We hope that this practice awakens something within you—a greater sense of yourself, a deeper connection to others, more awareness of the world around you.​

Do you “play” after class?

​No. “Naked yoga” is not code for “orgy.” Occasionally, we practice partner stretching and massage, and tantra.

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