Radical Yoga currently offers two men's naked yoga classes per week, one clothed class per week, and private instruction to further your practice. 

8pm Thursdays  
5pm Saturdays 
11am Sundays

POWER FLOW // Three to four intense sequences meant to challenge yourself and find the edge of your practice. You will generate heat and sweat, build strength, lengthen muscles, and foster a sense of empowerment while practicing mindfully.

HYBRID FLOW // Two to moderately challenging sequences leading into deep stretch postures. You will focus on both the Yin and Yang aspects of Yoga.  

BEGINNER'S FLOW // Two to three slower-paced sequences for improved mind-body connection. You will build strength and create a practice of breath and meditation.

YIN // Seven to twelve poses meant to target your deep connective tissues. This is a mediative practice were you will learn to yield into a posture versus flow into it.

We are located at Vigor Massage and Personal Training
3112 Swiss Avenue, Dallas TX 75204
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